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Know Your Enemy

Mark Fairley and The Fuel Project present the most detailed expose ever done on “Mystery Babylon,” the inception and development of Satan’s shadowy parallel kingdom in the earth.

“From a cosmic/federal perspective there are only two people on this planet: the first Adam and his seed and the Second, or Last Adam, and His.  And as Augustine pointed out, there are ultimately only two metropolises: the city of man and the City of God.  Mark does an incredible job of dusting history for the signs, symbols and detritus of the first, which the Bible calls ‘mystery Babylon .’” Eric Holmberg, The Apologetics Group; REFORMATION MEDIA

The name Babylon occurs in the Bible almost three-hundred times. The majority of those references are in the Old Testament – and with good reason. It was the first great city of the world and the capital of the first kingdom. In fact, it may well have been the greatest empire of all time. However, Babylon is much more than this. The Bible clearly and intriguingly states that “Mystery Babylon” is also the source of all abominations of the Earth (Rev. 17:5) – a fountainhead of evil that began flowing through history thousands of years ago and which profoundly impacts the world today… in ways most don’t realize. Indeed, Revelation tells us that Mystery Babylon will survive until the end of time when God finally judges it with terminal violence.

This series is a walk-through history that follows the threads, exposes the idolatry, the symbolism and the perverted thought-processes that originated in Babylon. We discover its influence in all false religions including Catholicism and Islam, astrology, freemasonry, world-famous landmarks, the theory of evolution, philosophy, the United Nations, the European Union and much, much more. We discover that ever since God scattered the Babylonians back in Genesis 11, it has been Satan’s intention to reverse the process and bring the whole world back together again under a single world system, ruled by the Antichrist. Above all we learn how to recognize our enemy so that we will not be deceived and instead live with faith, hope, love and courage in the face of Babylon’s demonic schemes.

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